torsdag den 20. januar 2011

Lolita shout-out #2

It’s time again for another Lolita shout out. And what will I be focusing on this time. As some of you know, I’ll be making these every Thursday and show one, two or more clothing both bran and off-brand and tell about them. It will both be things I like and don’t like. As mentioned before I don’t wear sweet anymore and I thought I would never wear it again, until kidsyoyo did this to me!

Melty Chocolate (Angelic Pretty) Sweet Little Chocolate (Kidsyoyo)

This dress is one that I would truly kill to get. I don’t know what it is about it I just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I love kidsyoyo for making those clothes they do, although most of what they make is copy clothes from other brands. And this is no exception, when I saw this I couldn’t help but thinking of AP’s Melty Chocolate series since it reminds me a lot about it. When you compare the two pictures with each other they do look totally different but yet they resemble each other so much. But I must say I do love AP and their sweet selection but here it’s kidsyoyo that takes the price. Don’t get me wrong here the AP dress is all very lovely but it’s just way to sweet whilst the Kidsyoyo dress is sweet but not to much, it’s almost like ot has sort of a classic feel to it. The AP dress has the classical cupcake line, which is very common in the sweet genre. The Kidsyoyo dress has more of an A line to it, like in many EGL, GL and Classic dresses. For me I would say that the kidsyoyo dress is more of a sweet/classic dress. It has a little something from both genres which is mixed very well together here to make a dress that is not to OTT sweet and a little OTT classic. Clearly a dress I would LOVE to have with everything to it. You can choose to get either the bonnet or the bow with the Kidsyoyo dress and I would defiantly prefer the bonnet (love those damn things).

Let’s move right along to Victorian Maiden. Oddly enough I’ve hardly seen anyone war anything from Victorian maiden and I guess it’s because it’s not really that big of a brand name yet. And how can it not be? The dresses all look a lot like what they have on I.W but still it feels like V.M is more mature that I.W. I like both brands since they are classic but I must say that V.M doesn’t have as wide a selection as I.W does. But they again V.M often has items that are sold out, like this dress

Long Sleeve over dress

Victorian Maiden is a brand I got into a little late because I didn’t really know about it. I was amazed when I saw how grownup and mature all of their dresses looked. As you can see on that picture they hardly have a lot of frills or bows on them and that is the most case for a lot of the dresses on the V.M site. The sad thing is that a lot of their dresses are always sold out. Especially this one. It’s sold out in all the versions you can get it and it makes me awfully sad since this is truly a dress I would love to own. It’s good for a girl who has a large bottom and wide hips since all the focus is laid upon the waistline and the breast, due to the ribbons. And the color is just lovely.

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