torsdag den 27. januar 2011

Lolita shout out #3

It’s Thursday again and you all know what that means! That’s right Lolita shout out, yiaaaay! *hands clapping*

As a lot of you know I am a huge fan of Innocent World and so I will write about Innocent World… again. This time it’s about their two new releases: Linderhof and Versailles Rose. I really like the Versailles Rose jsk in chocolate and pink and if I had the money for it I would defiantly buy it…. And also if I could fit it. But the new items are really adorable and you can really see how they are getting their inspiration from spring. Their new floral print is just lovely. Is classic and has a red line through the entire print. What do I mean by a red line? Well In my opinion a lot of floral prints seems to be rather messy and it’s like you can’t find a focus point in it and it just seems annoying for me to look at. They are doing a lot with floral print and very light colours. And I must say it really falls into the felling of spring around it. The Versailles Rose offers a skirt (long or middle long), Jsk (short and long), Blouse, Socks, Ribbon comb, Head dress, bag and a Handkerchief and almost all of them comes in the combinations of beige and chocolate with either blue or pink as a kind of twist to it all. The Skirt and Jsk is to die for and I must say I don’t really fancy the socks. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the print before or at least a slightly different version for it. I must admit that I am not much of a Handkerchief person, not even when it just comes to using it as a cute accessories rather than a functional item and I guess it comes with me coming from a family where a Handkerchief was meant to blow your nose in. And who in their rightful mind would ever blow their nose in a brand Handkerchief? I know they can be washed but I guess I would (if I ever did buy one) just use it as a mere accessory. When it comes to the Jsk the colours you can choose for it is just adorable! You can choose either chocolate or beige as a basic colour and pink or blue for the ribbons. I am really in love with the chocolate/chocolate cord but that is mainly because it reminds me of a nice cup of cocoa and it’s just so simple in a beautiful way. What I do like about this jsk is the little ribbon belt which gives a nice touch to the dress. The ribbons and frills on this jsk is really subtle and not at all over the top. It really works well with the dress over all simplicity.


The skirt is just as you would expect from a high waist skirt. Is comes in the same colours as the jsk and is not really that different other than the braid trims and buttons. It’s really beautiful and I would love to own it, but I am a little afraid of having my own high waist. And of course I would love to own this in chocolate as well, yum chocolate! Although I will say that I.W is begging to become somewhat bland. They make beautiful clothes, don’t get me wrong, but it’s like it’s always the same things they use. Same colour, same patters and so on. It’s almost like Angelic pretty, although Angelic pretty is just spewing new prints out almost every week and they are also just reusing the same things over and over again. And yeah I-W is doing the same thing, not updating with new things all the time but using the same secure patters over and over again. I do like them though but I would love to see it they are able to make something entirely new and innovative.

The Linderhof collection is not big and it doesn’t really offer much. A jsk a head dress and a choker. The Jsk comes in long or short and all the items have different colours to choose from: Beige, Saxe, Chocolate and Bordeaux and funny enough I find the Bordeaux to be more appealing than the chocolate version. It’s very graceful and the rose laces are really elegant, but it reminds me a lot about a princess when I see it. I have no doubt that it will look great with both the head dress and the choker, but for me it’s perhaps a little too sweet and girly. I would much rather want my clothes to be lady like rather than girly. I guess it would fit someone who wants to look like a elegant young girl. So tell me, are these items something you’ll want to own, and if so, what colour should it be with?


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