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Lolita shout-out #1

I've been watching several blogs about the lolita fashion in all its terms and genres, as some of you might have seen in my blog list, and it all gave me the inspiration to talk about what brand and Lolita finds I want to own and what I despise (sorry girls and boys, sometimes you just have to take the sugar with the salt). If everything goes as it should I'll be doing this every Thursday. As I feel it myself, I’ve really grown into the Lolita fashion and I’ve gotten more and more found of it by the day. I guess it comes with that for the first time ever I actually feel like a lady (don’t get me wrong here) but I’ve always been so busy being the tom-boy of the family, that I hardly ever wore a dress or skirt as a teenager. I still got the tom-boy in me which (for those who know me real life) might see. I dress myself in t-shirts, jeans and so on and rarely dress myself in shirts with feminine undertones, such as ruffles and so. So for me to actually feel like a lady and a princess is truly magical!

But I still have the feeling of, when I started out in Lolita, that sweet wasn’t cut for me, and as I see it most lolitas start out as either sweet or gothic. Not all but most girls do. And I myself am one who is more of the mature Lolita kind of girl. I love the Aristocratic style, the EGL and GL style and my all time favourite stile of the all is indeed the classic Lolita look. The whole adult and regal look just really talks to me, and when I wear it I don’t feel like a cute doll, rather than a feel like an elegant you lady. I would love for my hubby to wear aristocrat with me but he isn’t really the type for that, he would much more refer for wearing alchemy goth which is truly awesome but expesive haha.

But since we are now speaking of wearing EGL an classic I would like to share with you some of the Lolita finds I found during yesterday, while roaming through the brand sites, looking for some clothes I would love to own.

Queen's Coach (Ivory)

This is truly and amazing dress and lately I’ve grown so found of Alice and the Pirates. I love the fairytale/piraty look their clothes have and how it’s actually very mature for a dress. The dress itself is just gorgeous in this version with black and Ivory missed together, it looks very regal and very classy. I wasn’t really into AnTP since I didn’t really know about them, I knew they were a sub category of BTSSB and at first I thought a lot of their stuff were well… cosplay-ish (rage screams from 1000 lolitas world wide) It was like the brand tried to take itself serious with piraty ruffles, but as time went by I started falling in love with this brand.

Lyra Jumperskirt (chocolate)

It took some time for me to realize just how much I love the classic Lolita look rather than the sweet. Don’t get me wrong here. I adore the sweet genre but for me it just wasn’t flattering, I look horrible in it, like a pig dressed in a pink skirt with puppies, urk! But it all changed when I bought me very first BURANDU DRESSUUUUUU!!!! Lol, my very first brand dress is my Angelic Pretty dress with no series name or anything. I fell in love with I immediately and bought it second hand from a girl in Germany. When I opened it and looked at it I remembered almost crying out of happiness. Not because I owned brand (lol I like off brand just as must as brand, if not more) but because it was really beautiful and it fitted me like a dream. It was in an almost peachy/dusty pink with a discreet floral pattern, it had a princess cut in the back and wasn’t overhung with frills and bows like most sweet stuff was, and I though in a long time that it was sweet, until a friend of mine saw it. Her and her BF was at our place so I showed her my pride and joy and she commentated in it. She told me it was a classic dress and that is sort of where it all started. I immediately fell in love with Innocent World while looking after classic and this is one of the dresses I would love to own. The Lyrical Jumperskirt in chocolate. I’ve really fallen in love with more down to eath colors like brown, black, beige, white and wine red and I guess it’s because I’ve grown a little older. For me I’m too old to keep on wearing super kawaii pastel pink and baby blue colors, so I like this dress a lot. It’s beautiful to look at with it’s dampen decorations, A line skirt and gorgeous chocolate color… But alas it was too small for me to fit into. So perhaps this will be a dress I will try to find the money for, when I’ve lost some of my weight :D

Oh btw, heres a picture of me from the meet-up in Randers. Yeah I look kind og goofy and my face looks fat, but this is what I wore that day, thanks to Sascha for taking the picture, haha ;D Gawd my hair looks aweful! Should have worn my wig D:

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