mandag den 10. januar 2011

2011 so far.

I've really started out good on this New Year.
I've started eating healthy, been seeking internships and I've been to this year’s first Jutland lolita meet-up circle! I ended up wearing my wine red Anna House OP, red bodyline shoes, a red barrette and my innocent world socks. Look pretty sweet ^^
It was so great and it all to place in Randers at Mette's place. This time it was all about crafting and sewing bit I started out getting a little too late out of bed, due to my alarm clock not ringing and actually arriving 30 minutes too late, lol.
I met with the other girls and afterwards we went out for some fabric shopping. I ended up buying 2 different fabrics. A nice red tartan (to which i bought some good quality black laces for) and a very beautiful black fabric with some beautiful rose patters incorporated into the fabric itself. Me and Sascha ended up buying one meter each for a skirt each. We wen’t back to Mette’s place and ended up making a lot of different things. A lot of jewellery and not as much sewing as one could have hoped for. But Sascha was so sweet and made my tartan skirt, I totally love it! I’ve got to make a lot of different stuff in cernit (a form f clay that has to be baked in the oven) which I was planning on using as accessories for my outfits. We ate at her plase (lasanga YUM!) and later we tried her PS II where some of the girls tried to play Manhunt II. I was laughing so hard inside myself since some of the girls clearly weren’t fit for these type of horror games, I don’t know how many times they started screaming, haha XD

But all in all it was a pretty nice day. Me and Sascha ended up going home with the train at 20:20 so we were home late. A friend of mine slept at our place that night and I was really beaten when I got home. I stayed up for an hour, maybe two and then went straight to bed.

Tomorrow I’ll be to attending an interview for an internship at a baker in Aalborg and I really hope I get the internship! I really want to become a baker and if I don’t get the spot I’ll have to become a social security whilst trying sending out applications for an internship.

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