torsdag den 19. maj 2011

Lolita shout out #18

I will start out with Bodyline. ZOMGWTFBBQ! BODYLINE?! But but! That's not even buraduuuuuu. Not it isn't but bodyline will still, in my humble opinion, be a good starter alternative for one who isn't able to pay a fortune for brand clothing used or new. But It seems like some of the new dress at B.L actually look like somthing that would be worth having. B.L has been know to make alot of really cheap stuff and most of it have also shown that they aren't on the high end of the price scale. I don't mean this as BL is a bad thing, but just that if one really want's to buy from them, they should look out for things that don't too ita. Like this dress For a BL dress this is really well made and looks pretty darn good! It often is like this with BL that most of their "own" dresses actually end up being somthing you would want to own. I have a skirt and several shirst from BL myself, so I will recommend taking a look at this dress :D

Angelic Pretty hasn't really been making alot these last couple of weeks, which has supriced me a great deal considered that they had a "print Streak" a couple of weeks ago where they pretty much lunched a new print every week. But now It seems they have gone on a minor hiatus with the print making and instead they have put a little focus on petties and some very cute boleros.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright on the other had did give my a very big surprise by making this dress here. I won't try to wrap this up in cotton and pretend is okay, but this dress horrified me. The dress itself could be cute but for me it's a notorious lace monster and I didn't expect that, considering that Baby usually make pretty decent stuff. Im a little dissapointed over this dress since it seems to be way to cosplayish for me to really like it. Even without the shawel it stills looks to OTT. I'm not waying it looks cheap just that it looks too cosplayish.

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