torsdag den 12. maj 2011

Lolita shout out #17

Baby the stars shine bright has a new print out soon called Night Fairy Fantasia. The cute thing about this print is that it is inspired by Peter Pan's flight to neverland and you can clearly see it. I would love to own the Navy version of it, since Babys Navy color is often a very rich dark blue.

Angelic pretty are selling some adorable new sailor lolita socks in a vast variaty of colors! From the classic A.P pink to common Black and White. Also they've got some new cutsews that I don't really care for. Don't like the design of them to be honest.

PUTUMAYO has a very cute ned t-shirt for the casual lolita.

Wow this was a very short an boring update, sorry... There haven't been anything to talk about in the lolita fashion world lately. Or maybe it's just me who is really bad at finding news. Btw! If any of you know the comic Tiny Kitten Teeth, who wouldn't want a print with either Hopscotch or TigerButtah? I would kill for a cute skirt or JSK with either of the two on it :DHopscoths is owned by Becky and Frank (creators of Tiny Kitten Teeth)

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