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Give more blogs and 30 Day Lolita challenge start!

Again I shall start in a "do this over a periode og days and tell us bout yourself" challenge ans THIS is WILL complete. It's about Lolita I belive it's time you knew about me as a Lolita and who I am. If you want to try this yourself, here's the link

Okay day 1 - 10 things bout your lolita bubble

1) I may not who it but I am more of a tom boy eventhough I like lolita very much. But I don't wan't to wear the bouyish styles of lolita so I've chosen EGL and Classic since I think they compliment my need for feeling feminen.

2) I actually don't really like OTT sweet it's like it's the only thing people wan't to wear and to be honest I think they it's starting to a little outof control. I don't MIND sweet lolita just OTT sweet with their weird bear hats, overly useage of alice bows and stickers on their faces. For me OTT sweet is more like trying to be too childish than being an adorable girl.

3) I'm always scared of being a lolita in front of experienced lolitas since I fear that I might not be good enoug. Yes, sadly a thing that every girl (lolita or not) have a battle with, it's the urge of feeling like you belong somwhere.

4) The first lolita blog I ever came across was Her Curious Elegance by Raegan. An amzing blog since most that she blogs about is somthing I can really relate to. She is an amazing girl and I think you should take a look at her blog.

5) Eventhough I am a lolita I don't waste my time looking at egl_secrets. I really hate that since, most of it is jyst bithing about other lolitas and other frilly butts trying to feel superior to those who can't live up to the name of "Lolita"

6) I love wearing my blommers with a cute top or a t-shirt, they are the best realxing wear I have at home and when I get sick or just tired, and want to chill-laz on the soda, I put on my blommers and just fell relaxed.

7) I don't mind replicas/copies/rip-offs whatever you call them. For me it's not about the name, I couldn't care less if it's I.W, A.P BtssB or AATP. I know this may chock many of you and a lot of you may be thinking "LAAAAAWL! frilly B!tch be crazy!" and honest I can only say that it's not that important to me. I just want to have the desingns that the brands make and I can't fit into alot of it. I might be able to sometimes fit into I.W JSK and dresses, but why pay for a real I.W when I can get a replica of it for fewer cash and that fits me?

8) I normally don't wear petties or only use one. I can't wear more because I have so muc junk-in-the-trunk so if i use more than one I end up looking like my butt is WAY bigger that int already is.

9) I don't like any j-music bads really. I don't care that much for J-music at all. I do listen to Vocaloid and anime music but I'm not a fan of any real bads. I was as a teenager but now I've sort of grown out of it, and I can't stand the feeling of that you HAVE to be a fan of at least ONE j-fashion bad to be a true Rori~chan. Most lolis I know like Dir.Grey Gackt and things like that, I would much rather listen to Black Sabbath, Metallica and stuff like that, yeah i SOOOO rori.

10) I am really bad at shopping for Lolita. I always forgett to by things such as jewelry, boleroes, Cutsews and so. I always end up buying only a dress and a cute headress/bow and I then always end up with just an uncomplete set of clothing XD

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