fredag den 6. maj 2011

Lolita Shout Out #16

Sorry for the missing blog entry yesterday I was really bussy doing all kinds of stuff there. Hand to give and interview for a Danish newspaper about being in activations and how we fell about it. The municipality in which I live have a thing called "useful activation" were people without work, internships or in between jobs can be a part of and earn som cash that way and still have something to do. What we do where I am is gardening service. We help old or handicaped people who can't take care of their own garden and we get paid for it as well. I really like it, it's better than sitting at home for several months dong nothing but surfing the net and watching day time television. This is a great way for me to get som exercise, fresh air, meet a lot of very sweet old people and actually feel like im giving people somthing in retur, plus I return home tired (the good way) and happy :D
If the pay was a little better I might have thought of staying, but this is just a minor hiatus until I find myself an internship plus it helps me financially.

Okay movin on to the lolita part, uuuuuuuuh!

Angelic Pretty has releashed a very cute pinkXblack Yukata with matching headbow and purse. The lace collar is detachable. I will belive that it's a little utraditional, since most yukatas are normally made with traditional japanese prints. I woldn't own one myself since I think it's a little too.... well brand whore-ish to won a brand Yukata instead of a lovely traditional one.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright have a new cute collection on their page, the Versaille Rose collection which is very grown up compared to what Baby normally have for sale. I also find it funny that it almost bears the same name as on of I.Ws collections.

Metamorphose has a awesome new summer collection that is imspired from the 1950s Rockabilly with the polkadots and vinyl records. One of their dresses is really cute a truely inspired by the 1950s girls dress. The rest of it is more traditional lolita.

And on a final note.
I've started saving up for the Strawberry Jam collection from I.W. A friend of mine is going to Japan next year and I've asked her to bring me home the Strawberry Jame collection (socks, high waist jsk, mini hat and socks, plus a bag and purse) and a Jsk/headbow set from Baby :D
OH i can't wait for it!!!

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