tirsdag den 17. maj 2011

30 days of Lolita

day 3 - 10 things you hate in Lolita

1) The brand whores. I hate that some people see brand as the only true thing to wear as a lolita.

2) The shoes arn't always comfortable in Lolita and you tend to get rather sore feet.

3) The petties, I just hate them!

4) That a LOT of the brand designs are WAY to small.

5) Brand is rather expensive.

6) That people tend to see Lolita as somthing sexual such as a fetish or age-play.

7) Cosplay lolita, why do popel always fall into that trap?

8) That brand shops aren't to find outside Japan, besides U.S.A and France.

9) The lolis who hate chubby/fat lolitas.

10) How long time it sometimes takes to get a costum made dress made... yikes.

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