mandag den 2. maj 2011

Cry me a river, will you?

Have you ever know, or heard, of someone whu just couldn't understand that they were wrong? No matter how many people screamed it to then they were sure that it was the rest of the crowd that was wrong and not themself in person? You have? Well then you know how damn annoying and mindbuggeling stupid some of them sound when they talk.
I've recently experienced a girl on our danish j-fashion forum who posted a picture of her first official lolita outfit on our website. Needless to say it wasn't the best lolita outfit, mostly because it was pretty cosplay-ish so we told her that she could prehaps remove some og the bows a laces to make it look less ita, you know, give her a friendly push in the right direction.... But apprently we were all wrong on our view of her outfit, was not cosplay lolita since we had clearly misunderstod what cosplay lolita was, and that she knew what it was. Several other people tried to tell her that she was wrong about her interpertation of what cosplay lolita was. Again she denied and made it sound like she was right and all the other of us were wrong wrong WRONG. She had studied, researched and worn alot Lolita so we were NOT to tell her that she was wrong since she clearly knew everything there was to know about lolita. Persistant aren't we, little missy? But I had to write my entry to her and tell her that I would stand behind the others opinion on the outfit and that she should prehaps listen to what they had to say, when a bounch of people tells you that you are wrong there's probably somthing about, don't you think?

But yes, these kind of people annoys the hell out of me, it's almost as the feel like that were clearly can't see how perfect she is and how she possible couldn't improve her looks more, now I'm not saying I'm a perfect lolita, hell I have a LOOOOONG way to go befor I'm even remotly satisfied with my lolita wardrobe, but these kind of people just don't realize it when they are wrong. They will make up excuses as to why and how they are wrong and trying to turn the whole situation around so that it's them who are the victems of our horrible accusations and lies.
whatever, if you can't handle the the time, don't do the crime.

How do you feel about these kind of people and do you actually know one?

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