tirsdag den 14. februar 2012

Valentine's day.

I don't get why people get so worked up over an american-fied day that celebrates love and all that. But why focus it all on this day? Why not celebrate it every day and really pull out the heavy stuff when you have you anniversary?

Celebrate that you have been together for a whole YEAR and celebrate moreto come. And I also don't get young people and teenagers who get all mushy about celebrating they have been together for some weeks og months.

Have love really become something that is so
volatile that you have to mark it for every month rather that a year? Isn't it more of an acomplishment that you are able to stay as a couple for a whole year, rather than just three months? Maybe it's just me who is stupid since I found my Hubby and have stayed with him for 7 years now. But we celebrate the years we spend together since it seems like it weighs more that "OMG! Today me and Jim have been together for three months! This is SOOO crazy! I luv' yo Jim <3"

Yeah I may have offended some of you, but this is just may view of Valentines day and how people tend to make love look like it's a fling they feel every now and then. Is "true love" really dead? It feels like it when you see all thode divorces that's roaming around now. It's like love has just died. I know our grandparents are from a different time and that back then it was tabu to get a divorce. But still. I get so happy when I seen people who STILL love each other after 10 years. or old people who can still sit on a bench, hand in hand after 40 years og marriage, and still look just as in love as when they were youngsters.

It makes me sad and I don't lnow what have happend.
I just hope that all these divorce cases die soon and people fin the person they truely wan't to live their lives with forever.

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