fredag den 15. oktober 2010


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How many of you remember the time when you where kids were you had your very first BFF? I do and her name was Sonja. But due to a stupid episode as pre-teens we went each our own ways. Later on I became BFF with a girl named Kirsten, her sister was in the same class as I and we quickly clicked together. She liked all the same things as I did. Anime, computer games, crafts and cartoons, this was truly a happy period for me and it was also a period where I felt alone and forgotten. I was a teenager and god bullied in school, but thanks to Kirsten I didn’t feel quite alone in a unforgiving world of popularity and backstabbing. She was perhaps one of my best friends back then and we did a lot of stuff together. Went cycling in the forest in our town, watched a lot of movies, had several sleepovers, made our own films with Barbie dolls, yeah this was a great time for me. But again due to some problems we went our separate ways. I was told by a friend that Kirsten saw me as a friend but also as a rival, or that is at least what she got the feeling of, because every time I tried to give her some constructive criticism (Well at least I believed it was) she would get mad, or upset and at the very end it just got too much for me. Then came Carina. One of those girls who got bullied, just like me. We had almost a sisterhood together and she was a girl who you just couldn’t get mad at. She was sweet and a very good friend. Our friendship didn’t end because of an argument but simply because we grew apart from each other. A lot of it was because she was going to high school and I was going to Tech College. But at least we both agreed on ending our friendship on good grounds. But the reason to why I make this post is to thank those girls who has been my BFF’s when I was a child and a teenager, for better or worst those girls friendship made me that woman I am today. But there is a special girl whom I would like to thank. Her name is Ekatarina Gusarova and she is perhaps the best friend a girl will ever get! I love her dearly. We met at a meet-up in a Danish city called Aarhus where we just clicked like that! But not in the same was as me and Kirsten did, no this was different, she was practically me… Just Russian, longhaired and had brown eyes, but she was indeed just like me. Just as crazy and fun loving like a little puppy and as sweet and mild like a kitten! I know this sounds so weird they way I am describing her, but she is just the best friend I’ve ever had. She is that kind of girl where you can talk to her about everything and no matter how tough he shit gets, she is always there for those she like and love. I don’t know how many hours I can spend talking with her about drawing techniques, anime, political stuff, religion, and psychology (we both loved that in school) She is a girl from whom I have learned a lot about drawing and she is perhaps the funniest and the most crazy girl you’ll ever find. Not only that, she an amazing writer and PR’er (role player). We have a dream of going to Russia together, I would love to see her motherland and hear about how she experienced Russia when she lived there and visit her babushka. We both had a vision of us both going to The Animation Workshop (in Viborg) to become cartoon animators and make wonderful cartoons like on the good old days. But sadly enough she moved to Germany (although for another two months she is living in Viborg) and I moved to Aalborg to become a pastry chef. I miss her so much! And every time we talk together we always have a lot of interesting things to talk about! And sadly enough she hasn’t be able to visit us in our new apartment, although she only lives about 1½ away with train. I hope to see her again soon and laugh with her.
check out her maaaaad drawing skills at Apocalyptic Beagle

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Apocalypticbeagle sagde ...

... du er sådan en sød lille leverpostej ó.ò miss you too, seriously!!! <333 ej altså ówò ... EEEEJJJ *rødme og stikke af*

Michelle sagde ...

Du er mere end velkommen pjuske. Håber seriøst snart vi ses igen :3