fredag den 22. oktober 2010


So autumn is finally here in Denmark. It’s cold, it’s wet and it’s windy! This is a typical autumn for Denmark and I must say I hate autumn when it’s like this! But it’s because the wind is really cold. That kind of cold that seems to be stuck in your bones and refuses to leave your body, even thou you are inside a warm room, snuggled up in a warm blanket. Brrr! Hate it. But I do love all the lovely colors all around us when autumn is here. Yellow, red, orange, brown, golden! Autumn is just filled with so many great colors which should inspire people and make them happy. Sadly enough I know a lot of people who gets a winter depression during winter, and it’s not because I’m insensitive, but I just can’t see WHY people get oh so sad and down while winter is upon us? There are so many great things during winter and autumn! I love to snuggle up in my warm duvet, with a nice cup of hot cocoa whilst looking out of the window, seeing the rain and wind outside making utter chaos. Then it’s nice to sit inside a warm and secure home, knowing you don’t have to be out there. Or when in winter you come home to a hot cup of tea and newly baked buns! These are a few joys you only get during the winter months so why be sp depressed? Sure it gets darker, colder and wetter, but hey! It’s just a face and great stuff will come! Christmas is soon here and then new year. So as you can see from what I write I love the winter months and I won’t let myself be beaten by chill winds and dark mornings! Why should I? I have better things to do than to sit around in my apartment, feel sorry for myself and feel like everything is horrid and against me. I myself have had not only one, but three in my family who had a depression back when I was a teenager. My mom, dad and sister had a depression due to various reasons and the only ones who stood without a depression was me and my youngest sister. It was tough being caught between two parents and a sister who would get rather vehement emotional outbreaks out of nowhere! So I promised myself never to give a depression just ONE chance to get me. I know it is impossible but I try. And that is why I won’t be all sad and soggy when it gets colder and darker. But all in all I am one of those who like winter because for me it’s… “Hyggeligt” and Danish word that you can’t translate to English. It reminds a lot like cozy, but it’s not the same. Hygge is something special that us Danes truly love and care for. It’s something really special and something we in Denmark have a lot of during winter. Now that we are talking about winter, I can’t wait for November! There’s so much stuff going on that month. I am going to the Danish J-pop convention, I’ll be celebrating my 24th birthday and there’s a meet-up with the girls form one of the Lolita circles here in DK (short for Denmark)! This year I’ll be going as Kaito from Vocaloid. I might be joining in on the Lolita fashion show and show off my AP dress and I’ll bring my kigurumi, mostly because I don’t want to bring my Yuna (the FF X version) this year. But I can’t wait! I’ll be going with my BF and a very good friend of mine. This is going to be so awesome! But right after my birthday (actually the day after) we will be celebrating Thanksgiving! We don’t do it the same way as Americans do and don’t celebrate is for the same reasons. We just have the party because that is the day when the Thanksgiving football game is! So yes I don’t see a reason to why I should be depressed with so many great upcoming events.

So what are your plans for the upcoming months?

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