torsdag den 7. oktober 2010

Finally manage to complete an anime!


Today is really a great day. I’ve manage to deliver my project for my teacher, got over 8000Kr back for my deposit (we paid 12.000) I got a lift home by my aunt and, I manage to write me a job application for a confectioner's shop I would like to work for AND I have small vacation new. Today couldn’t possibly become any better. SO when I got home from school I sat down and saw another episode of “Yumeiro Patissiere” which also showed to be the last on! Can’t believe I’ve already seen 50 episodes of that anime! “Yumeiro Patissiere” Is about the clumsy 14 year old Ichigo Amano who wants to become a pastry chef like her grandmother and her dream is slowly fulfilling as she enters St. Mary Academy culinary school where she meets the “Sweet princes” and some “sweet spirits”.

I would first like to say that it is truly a girly girly anime with the huge sparkly eyes and so on, and during the start you would actually believe that it’s going to end up like a classic harem anime, but funny enough it doesn’t which is a BIG plus in my book. But luckily enough a season two has now launched called “Yumeiro Patissiere Professional” yeaaah… not exactly the most creative title but hey if it works, it works. So why do I like this serie? Because it’s about making sweets and desserts which is what I would love to do when I become a pastry chef. The anime has given me so much inspiration and thought on how to make new taste complement each other and how to arrange the cakes. If you like girly-girly-sparkly-warkly anime than this is really one for you. At least see it because of all the wonderful desserts and cakes, even though it’s just an anime they look SO yummy! (´*) Although i must admit there is a huge difference between the into I season 1 and in season two. Season 1 is more cute and lovely whilst season 2 couldn’t make me stop thinking about Lady GaGa when I heard the music and saw the video.

And as a final note I would like to thank Zarsu for this wonderful new template she made for me! It’s supposed to be a mix of steampunk and classic loli since those are some of my favorite stiles in this world. If I could I would build up my entire life around steampunk and classic loli. So thanks Zarsu for this great design!

Sorry for this rather short entry I didn't really have enything to say today. Bear with me. m(_ _)m ゴメンナサイ

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