søndag den 15. august 2010

Liek omg!

Before anyone comments on my miss-spelling it's meant to be spelled "liek" and not "like" ;D
Okay, so, Me and my BF finally move into our new apartment and it’s SO great! There’s kids everywhere (who can be noisy at times) but mostly it's a nice a quiet area we live in. It took a while for us to move into the apartment, mostly because we STILL have a few boxes in our old and still got some junk to throw out before we can rightfully say that we have moved out for good. It’s all slowly coming toget
her now and we still wish for new furniture’s. For the first couple of days in our new place we did not have a fridge since my dad wasn’t able to transport it over to our new place, so we had to live on noodles and stuff that wouldn’t go bad outside the fridge. But after 4 days you grew tired of it. Anyway we have begun the work on making the old place look nice, which means; Cleaning, re-painting, repairing and what not so that it will end up looking really neat again. I must say I’m glad we moved away from there. We have had nothing but problems with the old apartment. moisture, mold, cracking paint (because we had a shower in the bedroom and there was poor ventilation even with open windows), a bad window in the bathroom that kept the rain out but weren’t isolated and therefore the heat slipped out during winter, a crooked stove which warmed unevenly, it was all on two floors and, last but not least, the apartment itself was uneven (since it was very old)... Our landlord wasn’t good at getting things orderly when we asked him about it. It took him three years to patch up the holes on the house facade, which gave us mold in our living room. He didn’t fix the radiator which a blacksmith had after we had told our landlord that none of our radiators would warm up a winter. One senses clearly that he only has these three apartment (ours being on of them) so that he can earn a little cash. It lies under the Danish Standards for what one should live in. .. But hey, out of sight out of mind, right? ( ̄- ̄ )

People kept telling us that they just couldn’t understand that he could to let us stay in the apartment, with all the mold that was there. It might easily have made us sick and even caused me to develop my asthma again. We tried many times to keep the worst down, but it came back and now it has left some rather ugly stains on almost every wall in the apartment ガ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━ン!!

Now we started to put the old apartment into a position so that it will hopefully end up being more habitable for the next tenants. The worst thing about it is all the sloppy with the paint work done around the place ... and the funny thing is that our landlord is trained master painter. But at least we’ll hopefully end up making it better than he did. We make sure to use something proper paint, which can reject water and will hold for a couple of years. It’s nice to have an uncle whose father is a master painter too, and a stepdad who was previously vice-chairman of a housing association, so he knows what we should repair and what we shouldn’t repair.

Hopefully we end up getting a super nice apartment at the end. Enough about the old apartment. I just started on Food College here on August 2 and it has been some really good two weeks already. We started with two introductory weeks where we had to try different kinds of workshops. Each intro-team had to make a little bit of food for the final, and huge, intro-buffet for every intro-team where was. When we had eaten and cleaned up after us we were distributed out into different groups which matched what we wanted to become later on. I’m going to be a backer so I’ll be attending a backer team. Can’t wait to start my education as a backer and hopefully, later on, a pastry chef! On Monday I’ll be starting my actual education O(≧∇≦)O

My team will first be getting our schedule on Monday and awarded a contact-teacher who will guide us if we have problems, or can’t show up to class. I've even got me two uniforms and a pair of shoes that I MUST wear every day at school. The teachers aren’t allowed to let us into the bakeries without us wearing our uniforms, due to hygienic reasons, of course. And I must say I really fancy my uniform! I have already learned how to bake the first couple of things. Baguettes, Danish brunsviger cake, cinnamon, buns, Swiss roll and biscuits. I am simply crazy about having to train as a baker! I love being inside the bakeries. I will say that I am sorry for the lack of entries lately. I’ve been super busy with the moving and my education so for that I am sorry

m(_ _)m ゴメンナサイ

Until next time darlings, have fun (^ _ ^)/~~サヨナラ

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Zarsu sagde ...

It's sooo great that you finally moved! Can't wait to visit you in your new apartment!! :D

And I'm SO happy to hear how excited you are about school!! Can't wait to taste some of your bakery ;D

Michelle sagde ...

Baaw. Thanks sweetie!
I can't wait to have you guys over :D
Hopefully I'll be able to bake something for the guest at the party XD